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Joy in Heaven

There is Rejoicing in the presence of the Angels of God

The crowd on the banks of the Jordan watch Jesus with water up to his waist in front of his cousin John asking him to baptize him. The Baptist was puzzled. Jesus did not need baptism, but He told him: «This must be done, because we fear that fulfill all that God demands «-then John agreed to baptize him. Jesus wanted to say:» John, this baptism is not for my sake, it is for humanity’s sake. They need my perfect life to be saved «….

Christian baptism was instituted with this purpose: that upon being baptized the believer accepts the life of Jesus, his death and his resurrection.

(taken from Centinela magazine)

That is why we thank God and his son Jesus because Julia Arispe has given her life to Him, at the baptism, thus publicly demonstrating her new Birth. Her new Church that witnessed her decision congratulates her and is very happy and also for being present their beloved daughters: Linda Martinez and Roberta Arispe. May God Almighty bless their families, and Sister Julia fill her with his love ….

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