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Legumes and Diabetes

A Beneficial Friendship

Legumes in diabetics

In addition to the beneficial action of legumes due to the presence of pancreatic amylase inhibitors and protection against the increase of blood sugar and cholesterol,

This food contains other properties that allow them to increase their therapeutic and protective power against diabetes. One of these is the so-called «Dietary Fiber».

The daily intake of fibers exerts a beneficial effect on health. The insoluble fibers in water are protective of the intestinal mucosa that protect it from the action of carcinogenic substances that accompany food

While the soluble fibers produce a kind of gel in the intestine that hinders the absorption of sugars and cholesterol at the level of the intestine which is not only advantageous in the diabetic but also in the healthy individual.

It is worth adding that the richest food in these fibers are Legumes.

There is a decrease in blood sugar concentrations, after consumption of legumes, is also of utmost importance in people over 40 years, which are at increased risk of diabetes.

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