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Seven keys to success for a healthy work environment

Psychologist gives success keys to create a good work environment.

The psychologist Angy Azo has experience in four companies doing recruitment, evaluation and selection of personnel; besides consulting in Human Resources. The South American News Agency requested an article on working climate that can be read at the bottom.

For her, «when we not only work in the» what is wrong and how should be done well «, but in the» what is good and how to strengthen it «, we can establish more positive organizational climates».


The labor market today demands much more than a diploma. Today much more is needed: experience, languages ​​and other skills and a balanced emotional system that manages to maintain a good position when dealing with various work situations. What was your work environment in the past? Would he work again at his old company?

These are some questions that many of us have had to answer at some point in our working life. The climate in organizations could be summarized in how the workers of a company perceive their environment, and the most impressive, is that this manages to influence productivity, performance, and employee satisfaction.

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We know that it is not easy to enter a company but it is more difficult to stay in it. Those of us who have started our work experience are clear that it is a long way to go. Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is to be able to travel this route in a different way, with nuances to make the road more attractive and reduce the obstacles.

Within this article we will mention seven keys that will help you improve your work environment, and will make it more appropriate, so that you can spend a time of satisfaction and tranquility while your journey lasts.

1.- Concentrate on the opportunities: There comes a time when every worker will be presented with an opportunity to make decisions regarding any relevant activity. You need to take advantage of those few or unexpected opportunities, identify them and take advantage of them, to the point of being fulfilled and satisfied with the task entrusted to you.

2.- Conviva and radiate good humor: This point is essential to make day-to-day easier, reduce stress and work more peacefully. This quality will help you to take things with a better vision and generate ideas or creative alternatives to be able to solve or execute your work.

3.- Suggest and get involved with special activities: Within your same area or office center you can propose recreational activities, specific and dynamic, that will help you to promote unity and companionship with others. I could perform the active pause, a schedule to celebrate peculiar qualities of a day. For example, Monday day, day of joys.

It is necessary that you participate in these qualities and you will see that your work environment will no longer be a routine, but there will be nuances with which you can distract yourself for a moment and relax.

4.- Recognize the effort of others: We all like to be praised or to hear words of thanks for something we have done. Remember the golden rule? Put it into practice and you will see that sooner or later this will be copied and repeated throughout your work area.

Take advantage of and use interesting and attractive materials to make it more entertaining and special. For example, a recognition card, a pleasant song or phrase to praise your classmates and friends; that just like you, they want to feel good and important.

5.- Communicate frequently and do it with empathy: We are social beings by nature, we can not keep silent what we think or want. For this reason, the way in which he expresses what he feels is important. The recommendation is that before saying or doing something think about the effect it will have on you. Empathy is the best recipe to receive a good treatment and return a smile.

6.- Transform problems into solutions: The fact of having difficult moments in your work area is the most normal thing that can exist. The difference is in how to take those problems.

Do not wait sitting down to see how conflicts are arranged or accommodated. Be the agent of change, try to rescue what is salvageable and maintain an optimistic vision.

Seek help, consult your mentors, and investigate other options that worked in the past or innovate strategies to improve the situation.

  1. Go to the Supreme Source every day: Above all, bend your knees to God because wisdom flows from it. Our good God always wants the best for you. Remember what 3 John 1: 2 says: «Beloved, I wish you to prosper in everything …». Take that as a special promise that Christ has for you.

If you want to be a successful professional you must go to the Supreme source of power (God) and you will see how he will use it in an unthinkable and grandiose way, which will be a blessing for everyone around him.

Do you want another secret to live the day to day in a different way? Be happy and make others happy!

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